marjinal sofa #1

years October 2017

Marginal Sofa is one of the Implementation of the Marginal theme that I put forward. The Marginal theme itself is my exploration of the material (alternative) for the appearance of the furniture.Material comes from bark and on this occasion, which I use is teak bark .. in the future, I will continue to explore other bark where kind certainly very abundant in our country.

exploring bark as upholstered furniture
front view

R and D process to utilize this bark I start from the year 2015 .. to find the best formulation, knowing the constraints and solving it in the utilization of the bark as a visual display for furniture .. ensuring its endurance is also how to apply it in furniture. Marginal naming is a reflection of the bark itself, which in my observation, part of the (Teak) tree that has not been utilized yet and has no good economic value is the outer skin (bark) .. Marginal also represents the peeler of the bark at Perhutani TPK. I hope so much, if the application of bark becomes furniture will be interested in the market and many business actors and furniture designers make use of it, automatic bark (bark) is to have economic value, and also significantly improve the lives of Peelers.

perum perhutani Jawa Timur
top view

About the Design

Sofa marginal # 1 designed for public area . . . that’s why there are have a distance between the seater. To the back of Sofa deliberately I use ergonomics ‘waist’ .. that’s why the back of the sofa is lower than the usual / common. The hole for the plant vase on the side is a point of interest and one of the main identity of the design of the marginal sofa, also the backrest of the bamboo is perforated in such a way as to allow the foam to be planted in a plug unplug in it. Legs made from dark iron rod to give the impression of flying on a solid and heavy sofa

see the story of 'marginal'
perspective view

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