kaba out door series

years 2010

when I was a child, I often played with my sisters . . . we played dollhouse
we not buy the toys . . but we make our own
the furniture is made of paper folded in such a way that it resembles a chair, sofa and table
we’re still kids at that time .. we do not know about origami..which we know..the game comes from our predecessors who also play the same game
and in my opinion, it’s traditional

until then. . when I’m adult, I see no one created or designed what I played when I was kid
it’s good for me .. now I understood about furniture..how to make it .. and how its construction
make me easy actualize my childhood game . . 🙂

hinges system furniturehinges system furniturehinges system furniture hinges system furniture


Image above are kaba lounge 1st edition (2010) continued product until 2013

ambience kaba lounge with M desk

for possible to fold and unfold . . I used hinge system
now the problem is how can I make the furniture stand rigidly ?
I found the possible construction . . and I use it from 2010 until 2013 . . but the system still complicated not portable . .
still need installation (knockdown furniture) . . whereas I want it be portable

Kaba 2017 now portable and easy install !!
now ready for….

in 2017. . I participated kaba on Good Design Indonesia selection, that’s an my opportunity to socialize the latest system of Kaba (lounge) . . with more easy installation and the portable one.

I failed . . but kaba is OK..


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